Six months ago we were looking for a fast track to lead generation through existing distribution partner networks. We had an ambitious goal that demanded experience and creativity to achieve. In a short period of time, with Dave's (FasTracRevenue) help, we created a strategy that is effectively managing marketing communications, engaging our partners, and filling the pipe line with business opportunities.
Tom Tillman, Director of eBenefits Network at The Santeon Group
"Dave DeVelder of DevCom is a seasoned professional who is passionate about developing people and helping entrepreneurs grow their companies. When we first started working with Dave, we were a small company growing mostly by referrals. With Daveʼs guidance and coaching, we built a sales team, developed a lead generation strategy and implemented a sales and marketing process. As a result, our sales skyrocketed, our company grew, and our profits soared." (before we tagged what we do as "FasTracRevenue")
Lance Raab, Founder/CEO, Ideal Consulting
About a year ago, I began in the FasTracRevenue program ...with Dave DeVelder as my ... FasTrac coach. Dave has kept on target with his experience, persistence and flexibility in guiding me in the process and culture of this revenue generating approach. I would highly recommend Dave for his FasTrac coaching services and look forward to our mutual improving business success.
Bill Scheible, President and Co-owner at Renaissance Business Systems, Inc.
Our (FasTracRevenue consultant) cuts to the quick on a situation, always coming up with a strategy that is feasible, economical and successful. We are impressed with his realistic grasp on Sales 2.0 based on his history in B2B sales and understanding of 21st-century marketing.
Paul Marrero, President, CAASPRE Consulting, LLC
With a (FasTracRevenue consultant) assistance and support I am able to grow my business substantially, create a vision and strategy that is effectively managing many aspect of my business. I am highly recommending the services of DevCom (creator of FasTracRevenue) to your company.
Zev Z. Kizelnik